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A Plus Warehouse is a stocking master dealer for conveyors. All of our standard gravity conveyor product with a diameter greater than .75 of an inch to less than 3.5 inches ship on a next day basis. Virtually all of our standard power conveyors are in stock also.
There are several families to consider.

Roach Roller Conveyor
Medium Duty Roller Conveyor
( 1.9 In Dia Galv Roller 16 GA 250 # Per Roller - We sell Curves Also
Roller Conveyors
Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor
(2 1/2 in 11 GA rollers - 540 # per roller capacity - in stock - We Sell Curves Also)
Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor
Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor
(3 1/2 in dia 9 ga rollers - 700# Cap per Roller -- In Stock)
Roller Conveyors
Maximum Capacity Roller Conveyor
(3 1/2 in x.30 wall rollers - 2500 # per roller capacity - 16k# frame cap on 5 ft ctr)
Blue Monster Roller Conveyors
( 3 1/2 in x .216 rollers 1100# cap per roller )
Stainless Roller Conveyors
Medium Duty Stainless Steel Roller Conveyors

( 1 5/8 In Rollers - Perfect for Sanitary Applications )
Heavy Duty Stainless Pallet Conveyor
Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Pallet Conveyors
Tapered Curves
Tapered Coveyor Curves
(Tapered Rollers Keep Boxes Oriented)
roller conveyors
Light Duty Roller Conveyors
( 1 3/8 In Rollers Steel or Aluminum )
ball transfer tables
Ball Transfer Table Tops
( Sold By The Foot - In Stock )
skatewheel conveyor
Skate Wheel Conveyors
( Aluminum or Steel - In Stock )
Nylon Skate Wheel Conveyors
White Nylon Wheel Conveyors
1.9 Inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors
1.9 Inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors

( For Heavier Fragile Loads )
Medium Duty Accordion Style Expandable Roller Conveyors
Medium Duty Accordion Style Expandable Roller Conveyors
Skate Wheel Conveyors
Heavy Duty Expanding Conveyors
( 200 # Per Ft Cap )
Skate Wheel Conveyors
Extra Heavy Duty Expandable Conveyor
( 300 # Per Ft Cap )
Heavy Duty in Stock Expandable Conveyors
In Stock Expandable Conveyors
( 200 # Per Ft Cap )
Incline Conveyors
Deluxe Incline Conveyor
Deluxe Parts Conveyor
Deluxe Parts Conveyor
power conveyors
Slider Bed Belt Conveyor
( Powered - But Belt Slides Over Bed - Roller Bed has less Friction )
Roller Bed Incline Conveyor
Roller Bed Incline Conveyor
Chain Driven Conveyor
Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor
Power Conveyors
Contractors Campanion Conveyor
Mini Power Conveyors
Mini Power Conveyors
Power Roller Conveyors
Power Expandable Roller Conveyors
Conveyor Transfer Rails
Hopper Conveyors
Hopper Veyor
with Screaming Fast 300 FPM Belt Speed
7/8 Inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors
7/8 Inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors

( For Lighter Fragile Loads )
live roller conveyors
Live Roller Conveyors
Skate Wheel Conveyors
Medium Duty Expandable Conveyor
( 175 # Per Ft Cap )
trough bed conveyors
Trough Bed Power Belt Conveyor
( In Stock - Trough Bed Cobveyors have INTEGRAL Sides - Great for loose product )
roller bed conveyors
Roller Bed Belt Conveyor
( In Stock - More Capacity Than The Slider Bed Version )
roller conveyors
Mini Roller Conveyor
(With 3/4 In Rollers Available In Steel or Aluminum)
Miscellaneous Conveyors
Slim Line Power Conveyor
Aggregate Conveyor
Inclined Heavy Duty Construction and Aggregate Conveyor
Aggregate Conveyor
Heavy Duty Dry and Wet Use Aggregate Conveyor
Aggregate Conveyor
Heavy Duty Dry Use Aggregate Conveyor
Miscellaneous Conveyors
Roller Stands
Miscellaneous Conveyors
Aluminum Conveyor
( With 2 In Rollers )
Accordion Conveyor Video
Accordion Conveyor Video

Skatewheel Conveyors These are used when the surface of the load is inconsistent - for example sacks instead of boxes. We also sell skatewheel product that expands as well. A minimum of 3 axles must be under your package at all times.

Roller Conveyors These gravity conveyors are used for unit loads. Our roller product runs from .75 inch (smallest in the industry) all the way to 3.5 in diameter rollers.

Roller Conveyors are sold in various roller centers. A Roller Center is the measure from the center of one roller to the center of the next. This is a very important figure as having to great a roller center allows boxes to submarine. A Flexible package requires 4 rollers under the package where a rigid package requires only 3. Divide the box length by 3 or 4, and the whole number portion is the required roller center - order that amount or a smaller roller center. Example 12 in rigid box - 12/3 = 4 - so order a roller conveyor with no greater than 4 inch roller center. For very small packages, our mini roller conveyors have a roller center as small as 1 inch ( for 3 inch long packages!!)

When we fill your conveyor order, we will ship rollers set high unless quoted otherwise. Rollers set high means that the top of the roller is exposed when looking at the cross section of the frame. For this reason, boxes will not hang up on rails ( unless they are too wide or flimsy). If you require set low ( with the frames working as a channel), please call us at 800-209-8798 or click on contact us for a special quotation.

Power Conveyors - When gravity is working against you, why not use electricity? Power units allow customers to move product in an efficient manner that could not be done with only gravity sections and people power. For power units, we have chain driven liver roller, line shaft, and stairway conveyors as well. We also sell accumulating in low back pressure and zero pressure.

In many cases it makes sense to order integral feeders with your conveyors so the boxes are consistently pushed onto the incline belt. Most inclined units also have double 'noseover' this device allows an inclined conveyor to transition from incline to horizontal in 2 small bumps rather than one thump - from incline to horizontal. We have the skill and desire to help you with your requirements - give us a try 800-209-8798.


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