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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. Many other companies consider belt conveyors to be special order only. A Plus Warehouse employs the stockyard concept – keeping a great inventory of work in process used by many conveyors. With this system, we can produce most all flat belt conveyors; incline belt conveyor products and belt conveyor systems within 48 hours.

belt conveyor system
Box Style Slider Belt Conveyor
belt conveyors
Heavy Duty Slider Bed Power Conveyor
incline belt conveyor
Medium Duty Roller Bed Conveyor
rubber conveyor belt
Trough Bed Belt Conveyor
belt conveyors
Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
Power Conveyors
Contractors Campanion Conveyor
Redline Conveyors
Deluxe Incline Conveyor
Aggregate Conveyor
Inclined Heavy Duty Construction and Aggregate Conveyor
Aggregate Conveyor
Heavy Duty Dry and Wet Use Aggregate Conveyor
Aggregate Conveyor
Heavy Duty Dry Use Aggregate Conveyor

We make ordering belt conveyors simple. All we need to know is the following: length, overall width, belt width and belt speed. For your convenience, we show all the prices online. You do not need to specially order the rubber conveyor belt, motor, legs and conveyor section. One model number tells the whole story. We also sell various conveyor legs for a range of heights.

A Plus Warehouse offers additional service as well. Our people know belt conveyor systems, and will not let any orders for belt conveyors, or other flat belt conveyors make it through our editing department if they look wrong. Customers may not understand the maximum angle of elevation for conveyors. Our people check tip angles and coefficient of friction calculations to make certain the customer’s load will be handled properly by our conveyor. Usually, it makes sense to keep inclines to less than 20 degrees to prevent slippage or tumbling. The following are the belt conveyors we stock. Belt conveyor systems, flat belt conveyors, inclined belt conveyor. If you order any of these before noon - we will ship the next working day. Can you get much quicker than that?

Why order belt conveyors? This is a great question worth answering. When you consider ordering conveyors, you are normally making an efficiency calculation. For example – you may be using 1/3 of a person to push a cart of product across your production floor – moving work in progress to other production zones. If the addition a belt conveyor reduces this to 1/10 of a person, without causing any trouble, you have probably just saved over $10,000 per year – making the conveyor worth over $50,000 to you. In this calculation, I am looking at an internal rate of return of about 20 percent. Although a powered belt conveyor costs more than a gravity conveyor , you do not get the full benefit of personnel savings with gravity. After all, a person would still need to push boxes, or at least, make sure the conveyors are at a low enough pitch that the boxes don’t get ‘roller coastered’. We generally find that the highest level of help by a machine without needing robots or computer control provides the simplest implementation and quickest savings. A Plus Warehouse does not provide engineering design or conveyor control systems. We specialize in the belt conveyor alone, and controls are always by the customer – there are many specialists in industrial control that can design your control system well, and keep you within the necessary codes.

A belt conveyor system is normally integrated with other material handling and storage equipment. We can help in these areas being a national dealer for dollies, carts, metal cabinets, hoists and gantry cranes. If you need to move or store product within your facility, we can certainly help. Our trained sales people are ready to help nationwide. Our telephone number is 800-209-8798

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