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Roller Conveyors

There are a million applications for Roller Conveyors, and A Plus Warehouse has seen a lot of them. We stock Gravity Roller Conveyors from 1.9 inch diameter roller all the way to 3 inch diameter roller. We also carry mini roller conveyors with a roller diameter of .75 inches and a minimum roller center of 1 inch. If you are conveying a 5 inch package , the mini is clearly your best bet. If you need amazing capacity, we provide 3.5 inch roller conveyor in a massive 8 inch structural frame. These extra heavy duty roller conveyors have capacities in excess of 20,000 pounds.

Roach Roller Conveyor
Medium Duty Roller Conveyor
( 1.9 In Dia Galv Roller 16 GA 250 # Per Roller - We Sell Curves Also)
Roller Conveyors
Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor
(2 1/2 in 11 GA rollers - 540 # per roller capacity - in stock - We Sell Curves Also)
Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor
Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor
(3 1/2 in dia 9 ga rollers - 700# Cap per Roller -- In Stock)
Roller Conveyors
Maximum Capacity Roller Conveyor
(3 1/2 in x.30 wall rollers - 2500 # per roller capacity - 16k# frame cap on 5 ft ctr)
Tapered Curves
Tapered Coveyor Curves
(Tapered Rollers Keep Boxes Oriented)
Roller Conveyors
Light Duty Roller Conveyors
(1 3/8 inch rollers - 50 # per roller steel 35 # per roller Aluminum capacity - in stock)
Roller Conveyors
Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors
(3 1/2 in rollers - structural 6 in frame)
PVC Rollers
Small Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors
Great For Glass Handling
1.9 inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors
1.9 inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors
For Heavier Duty Fragile Operaions
Roller Conveyors
Bestflex Expandable Roller Conveyor
( With 150 Pound Per Ft Capacity )
Expandable Roller Conveyors
Quality Expandable Roller Conveyors

( 200 Pound Per Ft Capacity )
Stainless Roller Conveyors
Medium Duty Stainless Steel Roller Conveyors

( 1 5/8 In Rollers - Perfect for Sanitary Applications )
Heavy Duty Stainless Pallet Conveyor
Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Pallet Conveyors
Power Expandable Roller Conveyors
Heavy Duty Power Expandable Roller Conveyor
Power Expandable Roller Conveyors
Extra Heavy Duty Power Expandable Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyors
Medium Duty Roller Conveyor
(1.9 in 16 GA rollers - 250 # per roller capacity - in stock)
Roller Conveyors
Mini Roller Conveyor
(3/4 inch rollers)
It is important to choose a dealer who can deliver your order promptly. We employ a stockyard concept whereby we have frames pre-punched for rollers, and rollers of every stock diameter and between frame size in stock. Orders placed before noon eastern time will ship the next working day - barring acts of god, etc. One section or 200 sections - if it is ordered by noon, it will ship the next working day - for all stock items.

Ordering roller conveyors is simple. First of all, you will need to know your required roller center. The roller center is the distance between the centers of 2 adjacent rollers. You always want to have 3 rollers under your load at any moment. If you have fewer than 3 rollers under your package, the package can be trapped between rollers. A simple calculation to determine roller centers is minimum package length / 3 = maximum roller center. So choose a roller conveyor with at most the figure calculated. For example, roller conveyor carrying boxes with minimum length of 12 inches requires a roller center of 12 /3 = 4 inch maximum. The next thing to know is the between frame dimension - how much space there is within the frame. As a standard, our roller conveyors are all set high - meaning the top of each roller is above the frame. As an option, we can produce roller conveyors set low - with the frames acting as guard rails. Most customers use set high.

Although when most customers think of roller conveyors , they are thinking of old fashioned gravity roller conveyors, some are really thinking of power conveyors. After all, a powered conveyor does include rollers. A power roller conveyor is known as a roller bed conveyor another possibility would be the expanding power roller conveyor

There are some other considerations for your conveying application. First of all, if you are using gravity roller conveyors, be aware of the roller coaster effect. If you order legs with too much of a height differential, you will be express shipping your packages right to the floor. It makes the most sense to design for a shallow, gradual decline - and then adjust. If you are able to make a steeper decline safely, and a section is saved, save it for replacement rollers. If you need help in selection of conveyor supports, we will need to know all the details about what you are conveying, and our engineering team can help to design a system. For inclined power application, it is rarely a good idea to excess 20 degrees of incline. If you calculate the inverse sine of incline height / conveyor length, you should be less than 20 degrees. If 11th grade trigonometry is not your specialty, just give us a call at 800-209-8798 and we will do the incline calculations. We will also do the required horsepower calculations to make sure you are getting enough motor for your hill.

A Plus Warehouse is your roller conveyor specialist offering an unbelievable assortment of conveyors on our 24 hour shipment program. We look forward to proving that we truly are the best in roller conveyors - nationwide

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